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Generation Y in the Workforce

Posted by evelyn
June 22

gen y

If there is one generation that is largely untried and untested, it is Generation Y. These are the people that were born between 1980 and 1995, and so currently range in age from thirty four and nineteen. Almost half of them have never had a job, and will be entering the work force in the next decade or so, while others are finding themselves in leadership roles. This naivety and lack of experience can sometimes be very confusing for a work environment that is full of people that worked from a very young age, so understanding Generation Y is vital for a respectful and engaging workplace environment. Those older Generation Y find themselves in roles that may mean managing older generations and can find that at times it’s difficult to be taken seriously. While others are still finding their way in the workforce after years of education.


Generation Y has been known by many names, including Millennials, the Net Generation, and Generation 9/11. The Net Generation refers to the fact that Generation Y was the first generation to grow up with personal computers in the home, and Millennials focuses on the fact that this generation was the youngest to be really aware of the changing from 19– to 20–. Generation 9/11 is a slightly more specific group, and is considered to be people between the ages of ten and twenty on September 11, 2001.


Growing up in a world full of the threat of terrorism and war in the Middle East means that Generation Y is more naturally aware of global issues, and a feeling of national identity. In the majority of cases, this – coupled with their comfort with technology – means that Generation Y provides an international focus within business, making them perfect for expansion roles into other countries. However, it is vital that Generation Y receives mentoring through their work, because they are still so young within a working environment. This will aid them to become the managers and leaders of the next few decades in a responsible and profitable way.