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Emotional Intelligence & Coaching

EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise.

The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organisational performance. EQ may be essential to differentiating world-class organisations in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to use emotions effectively. Emotional intelligence is being smarter with feelings
Emotional intelligence: a scientifically validated function of the human brain to process and utilise emotional information. “Being smart with feelings.”

Since the publication of the initial research in 1990, innovative organisations have begun testing how to integrate EQ into training and hiring to gain competitive advantage. It is becoming increasingly clear that these skills are the foundation of high-performing organisations.

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments (SEI™) are effective measures that help people develop and apply emotional intelligence professionally and personally.

Did you know? 70% of change efforts fail – primarily due to a lack of attention to emotions.People have strong feelings about change…from fear or anger to optimism and hope. These feel-ings either fuel or block change.

Multiple implementation strategies have been used to deploy EQ, particularly in developing leadership and culture, and for selection and retention. The emotional intelligence competencies are measurable and learnable; they can be improved through training and coaching. The most effective implementation strategies seek to integrate EQ into the organisational culture.

EQ application research documented includes:

• increased sales performance through recruiting and training more emotionally intelligent salespeople.

• improved customer service through recruiting higher EQ customer service representatives.

• superior leadership performance by developing and recruiting for executive EQ.

• better team performance, with higher productivity and profit growth.

The star performer difference

When asked what sets superior performers apart, participants identified emotionally intelligent competencies 44% of the time and cognitively intelligent competencies 19% of the time.
How can you change this?

Join my star performer program. This program starts by getting your EQ score through the Six seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment and is followed up by 5 EQ coaching sessions that are guaranteed to create real change in you and your life.

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments (SEI™) are effective measures that help people develop and apply emotional intelligence professionally and personally.

How Coaching Works

Did you know? Coaching is a partnership of equals to strengthen insight, make better choices and achieve purpose. We…

•partner with our clients, building a trust-based relationship.

•ask powerful questions so the client develops clarity.

•stand as “guide on the side,” honouring the client’s wisdom so they find their own solutions.

•engage the client’s strength & encourages the exploration of the emotions that drive action steps.

•invite the client to see they have the resources and capability to sustain growth.

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