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Customer Service

Courses We Offer

1. Managing Difficult and Demanding Customer Situations

2. Assertiveness at Work

3. Exceptional Customer Service


1. Managing Difficult and Demanding Customer Situations


How often have you thought back and wished you had been able to handle a tricky customer in a better way?


This course provides the skills to be able to react calmly and positively with difficult customers by looking at the causes of the difficult behaviour and the tools to diffuse it. Delegates will learn how to engage their ‘professional brain’ and adapt their service styles appropriately rather than taking things personally and getting embroiled in an argument.


What will delegates get out of the course?


  • Understanding of what causes customers to be difficult
  • Understanding of the benefits to you, and your company, of turning around a difficult situation
  • Foundation for the principles, attitudes and skills essential for a quality service experience
  • Ability to engage the ‘professional brain’ and not take it personally
  • Confidence to manage your responses appropriately
  • Ability to identify and deal professionally with unacceptable behaviour


How many times have you encountered difficult customer requests? Do you have trouble dealing with outrageous customer demands? What type of feedback do you usually get with customers who are hard to please?


Concerned about how your staff are dealing with tricky customer demands? Are you constantly getting bad feedback especially on customer interactions over the phone? Are staff having a hard time making decisions over which comes first: customer loyalty or company policies?


This course will teach you techniques to deal with even the most difficult customers. It will give you a better understanding of why difficult people act the way they act. It will also teach you how specific actions affect long term customer perception of the organisation, which could either lead to the downfall or success of the company. This course will give you tips on active listening skills, positive language and tone, what not to say to customers, and how to react to aggressive behaviour, among others.


2. Assertiveness at Work


Have you ever wished you had handled a difficult situation better?


Be more effective, positive and competent in the workplace. Understand the benefits of assertive behaviour and know how to recognise aggressive and submissive actions in yourself and others. You will learn how to say no effectively, give and receive criticism and deal with fear.


What will delegates get out of the course?


  • Clear understanding of exactly what assertive behaviour is
  • Knowledge of the six types of assertiveness and when to use them
  • Confidence to speak and act assertively
  • Ability to deal with fearful situations
  • Assertiveness Skills to stay calm in difficult circumstances
  • Ability to say ‘no’ firmly and tactfully


Are you in need of a more effective and dynamic way to communicate with people in your workplace? Do you sometimes have difficulty in differentiating between being assertive and being aggressive towards others?


Are you sometimes labelled as demanding and overbearing? Do you have a hard time speaking up in the workplace or when you do does it lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication? Are you having a hard time saying “no”?


This course will teach you proper techniques to be more assertive in the workplace: it would teach you the difference between being aggressive, submissive and assertive and how you can apply them in situations within your organisation and when dealing with external clients. The course also outlines methods on how you could develop a practical, personal action plan on how to deal with persistent people, how to manage feedback and how to use assertive behaviour to achieve win-win situations.


3. Exceptional Customer Service


How often do we experience service that is exceptional in our daily lives? What impression does it make? How do your customers rate your customer service skills?


It is no longer good enough to just deliver ‘good’ customer service. The bar has been

raised and now every member of your organisation has to deliver service that is outstanding. This course helps you to understand why service is so important and it gives you the crucial tips and skills required to deliver world-class service and grow existing client relationships.


What will delegates get out of the course?


  • Understanding of world class best practice standards
  • Realisation of the power you have to make a real difference in every customer interaction
  • Skills for delivering a quality service to all customers
  • Ability to leverage opportunities to excel and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Know-how to continue that service when on the telephone
  • Confidence to deal positively with difficult customer situations
  • Master customer service training for your company


Do you desire to have an even stronger customer base? Does your organisation give top priority to customer service? Is the ratio of your new customers higher than your returning customers? Is your company aware of best practices for first-rate, world-class customer satisfaction?

Differentiate between “good customer service practices” from “exceptional customer service” is essential. Being aware of customer service blunders that could really affect how people perceive your organisation. Becoming attuned to customer needs, and being aware that one mistake could either make or break the company.


This course will provide you an in-depth understanding of world class best practices on customer service. It is designed to give each delegate the realisation just how important each and every customer interaction is. You will have to ability to control opportunities to excel and strengthen customer loyalty. This course includes insights on how to provide top of the line

customer service through every level of your organisation and getting staff members to take responsibility for providing it.