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Advisory & Consultancy

Advisory and Consultancy is offered on Areas of Business Planning, Operations and Performance Management.


vission and mission

Our consulting service specializes in business planning and strategy. We can also review your operations and provide guidance in performance management. Contact us to arrange a business health check.


Our advisory service includes the use of specific tools so you can easily see how you are progressing. Our Leaders Dashboard is a comprehensive tool that we use to set goals and regularly review.


Overview of the Leader’s Dashboard


The Leader’s Dashboard challenges you to be clear – both for yourself and for your organisation — about eight essential areas.

Those areas are:

Vision. It is important to have a compelling vision, both for your own career as well as for your organisation.


Mission. In addition to having a vision, it is also important to know why you are doing what you are doing.


Values. Values play a key role in grounding leaders.


Edge. Successful people and organisations have an edge. What talents and skills do you have that are valuable?


Performance metrics. In this section of the Leader’s Dashboard, you choose key metrics that tell you whether you are doing a great job, and whether your organisation is moving forward.


Initiatives. Many executives take on projects that bear little relationship to their strategy, mission, or performance metrics. By carefully choosing a few initiatives with the highest impact, you can manage your time and improve results.


Professional relationships. This piece of the Leader’s Dashboard asks you to identify the key people you need on your side in order to succeed.


Development. Even leaders at the top of their careers continuously evolve, learn, and improve. This part of the Dashboard challenges you to choose the few areas where professional development will lead directly to improved results.


It is not easy to stay grounded as a leader in a complex and evolving organisation. Filling in the Leader’s Dashboard requires you to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritise. It takes honesty to identify areas where your answers for your own career differ from the organisation’s point of view, and it takes courage to work through those differences. The entire process takes work, and is well worth the effort. By being clear on your vision, mission, values, edge, initiatives, performance metrics, key professional relationships, and development opportunities, you will remain calm and focused when others panic.