Are Generation Y from Venus & Boomers from Mars?

When was the last time you heard someone ask “What are they thinking?” or “what planet did that person come from?”


Are you seeing generational clashes in your workplace?


Do you notice that interactions between the different generational groups are, at best, hit or miss?


Do you feel your existing corporate talent is under-utilised?

Understanding a multi-generation workforce is crucial in today’s workplace and it is increasingly important to build a culture that welcomes and engages individuals of all ages.

We will show you how to:

  • Attract and retain the talent you need from each generation

  • Develop a greater appreciation for diversity within your organisation

  • Build leadership skills for managing a diverse workforce

  • Help your senior leaders, middle managers and new recruits understand each other’s views

  • Create a work environment that taps the talent across the ages

Leading Training Solutions specialise in Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Wellness, Collaborative Workplaces, Generational Diversity & Leadership.

We specialise in showing you how to master Employee engagement and making the most of People from all Generations, Develop High Performing Teams, Anti-bullying and Dealing with Difficult people. We also offer Business and Executive coaching services as well as consultancy to help you achieve success sooner rather than later.

As your Business Coach, we assist you to develop long and short term goals and strategies, identify under-performing areas of your business, quantify what is possible with your current resources and develop a detailed plan you can follow to achieve your potential – even in areas you may have overlooked. Our focus is on YOU, changing inhibiting behaviours in individuals and teams which may be preventing your success. Collaborative workforce.

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